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  • General Music All Levels - Blizzard Bag 1

    If you need help with this assignment please contact me by email -

    Using, set your settings as follows....

    Mode: A (if I normally let you use B, you can use B)
    Tempo: Slow
    Rhythms to Use: Quarter Note, Eighth notes pair, sixteenth notes, quarter rest. 

    Complete 25 Exercises (after hitting GO) and email your results to

    You may restart the exercise if you would like to receive a higher score!! 


    (MU:Cr2.1.5) b Use standard and/or iconic notation and/or recording technology to document personal rhythmic, melodic, and twochord harmonic musical ideas

    • 7/8 Chorus - Blizzard Bag 1


      Monday, February 8th

      You have been practicing your choral music at home using the learning tracks found in Google Drive under "HMS Chorale". Please continue using these audio tracks to rehearse (at home) your vocal part. Be sure to use the "balanced/mixed" track at some point, not just your own part's track. 

      --> For this Blizzard Bag assignment, please write a well-constructed reflection on the music entities you rehearsed. Include at least 3 of the following musical terms when explaining what you specifically practiced. Use the names of pieces, page numbers, and exact measure numbers - be exact. 

      rhythm, vibrato, pitch, tone, head/mix, head voice, belt, mix belt, phrasing, breath/breath support, expression, dynamics, tempo, crescendo, decrescendo, vowel, consonant, diction, legato, staccato

      After typing your reflection, email it to Mr. Fisher at - (you may create a GoogleDoc if you prefer to use this method. Share it with me and give me editing privileges.) 

      This is a 5 point assignment. If you are unable to create a doc or email me, please have your hand-written copy ready for Mr. Fisher at the beginning of our next class meeting.

      MU:Pr4.3.E.8a Demonstrate understanding and application of expressive qualities in a varied repertoire of music through prepared and improvised performances.

      MU:Pr5.3.E.5a Use self-reflection and peer feedback to refine individual and ensemble performances of a varied repertoire of music.