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    3rd Grade Online Learning/
    Blizzard Bag Day
    Parent info and teacher contact information in side block.
    Log into Moodle to access the links!big grin  Your assignment is in Topic 1 on this page.
    Use your regular username and password. 
    Click the Talk to your Teacher button below if you need help (but you have to be logged in). If you have log in problems, email Mrs. Petrucelli at    She will have a list of your usernames and passwords. 
    If you are logged into any personal Google accounts, please log out.

    Go to Topic 2 for technology for keyboarding or sumdog.  This is optional.
  • Topic 1

    There are 4 different assignments for Literacy, Math, & Science/Social Studies and one is your UA assignment. Choose 1 activity from each area. Most assignments should take 30-45 minutes to complete when done thoroughly with effort. You are expected to complete the assignments AND turn them in the next day in order to get credit for a school day. If you are doing it online, you can print out the work. IF YOU CAN'T CONNECT TO A SITE, TRY A DIFFERENT BROWSER.


    WRITING: Click here to write a paragraph about your day out of school today.

    Read for at least 20 minutes. Complete the reading log here.

    Go to Practice identifying "main idea" by completing this activity.

    Open the KWL form here. Open this Brainpop link in another tab. Complete the first 2 questions on the KWL BEFORE you watch the video. Complete the final questions AFTER you watch the video.


    Measurement Project: Click here to read directions and fill out the form.

    Fraction Scavenger Hunt: Click here to read directions and fill out the form.

    FRACTIONS: Watch the fractions lesson, then complete the corresponding fraction page.

    If your class uses it, go to & work on your basic facts.

    Otherwise, go to to practice your basic facts.



    WEATHER: Go to
    Username: hcslibrary
    Password: brainpop

    Watch the video, then complete the hard quiz on the computer & print out your score when done; or use the attached quiz. If you don't have access to a printer you can simply write you answers on paper and bring it in tomorrow.

    Weather Tools: Cut apart the cards. Mix them up & match the term, definition, and picture to the appropriate scenario. Glue or tape these pieces together. Click here to print out the cards.

    If you don't have access to a printer, make your own card up and follow the above directions.

    MLK, Jr. VOCAB: Go to

    Click here to define vocabulary terms.

    Colonial Life Diary: Click here for directions and to fill out the form.

    Mrs. Eaton –

    Mr. Hathaway -

    Mrs. Morin -

    Ms. Kretschmer -

    Mrs. Moran -

    Your music assignment today should take no longer than 30 minutes. Select one of the activities by clicking on it.
    Answer the questions in the Google form provided. If you need assistance email Mrs. Verrill at

    Learning Target: I can develop my skills in playing recorder while practicing.

    Learning Target:  I can rewrite the lyrics to a familiar song. 

    Learning Target: I can respond to music, noticing feelings, instruments, and other elements.

    Learning Target: I can gather information on a musical topic while watching a music video.

  • Topic 2

    TECHNOLOGY - Any body say SUMDOG?

    Click on the above picture. 

    You can post comments to me in the forum below - just make sure you have logged into Moodle.

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