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    Weekly Newsletter

    Each week I will post “Ask Me About...”. This preschool newsletter will include the week’s activities, specific stories & songs, and other exciting experiences your child has had at school. I hope this will provide you with information as well as elicit conversations with your child about his/her week in school.

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      Circle Time Songs

      Movement, music, and children go hand-in-hand.  Music Activities promote children’s listening skills, creative expression, and social skills.  Singing helps children develop new vocabulary words, practice words they already know, create and imitate sounds, recognize and repeat patterns, and compare sounds to each other.  Large muscles are developed as children express the mood of what they hear with their body movements. 

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      Free Choice Time

      Play is an important and integral component of the educational process of young children. All areas of development (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical) are continually expanded and enhanced through play. Children use play to test ideas, discover relationships, express their feelings and ideas, and develop peer relationships. During Free Choice Time, the children have the opportunity to move around the room to the classroom centers of their choice. Our classroom centers include: Art Center, Block Center, Dramatic Play, Math Center, Sand Table, Water Table, Classroom Library, Listening Center, and Writing Center.

      The Art Center is an exciting place for children to work. Because the Art Center is for exploration not necessarily for creating a finished product, children can work for a short time or long time, depending on each child's ability and temperment. Open-ended art activities and materials give children opportunities to develop their own ideas and use their own designs. As children learn to use the art media to express themselves, they develop the ability to think creatively and solve problems.

      Blocks are among the most useful learning tools. Through block construction, children experiment with their own ideas-growing, learning, and developing skills in the process. The Block Center is a very versatile learning place. When children play with blocks, they learn about mathematical concepts, science, social studies, art, reading, writing, and language development. Social, emotional, and physical developments are also enhanced through block play.

      As children play in the Dramatic Play center, they learn to take turns and share. They take on family and community roles that help them understand what other people do and how they act. The Dramatic Play center helps them learn to make choices and decisions as they discover ways people help each other. Children learn to problem solve, work out difficult situations, develop vocabulary, and practice social interactions in this center.

      The Math Center offers children a variety of activities that be done alone, with a friend, or with a small group of friends. The activities include: working with puzzles, stringing beads, matching, sorting, classifying, stacking, sequencing, working with shapes and colors, and counting objects. Many of the activities such as puzzles and sequencing cards have self-correcting answers. Other activities offer opportunities for exploration and discovery. The activity selections offer variety as well as a range of difficulty. This enables all, regardless of ability to be successful!

      Children come to school with different skills, abilities, interests, and needs; yet virtually all children are drawn to open-ended exploration or the different materials presented in the sand and water tables.

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        Gentle Reminders

        *If your child wears boots to school, please be sure to send sneakers/shoes, too.

        *Please send a backpack to school with your child each day.

        *Please send one snack and one drink each day.

        *Every Friday your child will bring home an orange folder. Please be sure to return it to school on Monday.

        *Please call the T.E.E.C.H. office (329-6326 x6) if your child is going to be absent.

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          Scholastic Book Clubs

          Throughout the year, I will send home book order forms. Scholastic offers many great books at very reasonable prices. If you are interested in ordering, please complete the form and return it to me with a check payable to Scholastic. Please do not send cash. You may also order online!

          Online Ordering Information:

          Web Address:\bookclubs

          Class Activation Code: H7X4D

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