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    Hampstead Health Services

    The goal of Hampstead Health Services is to encourage, support and educate all students to become lifelong learners with the ability to make positive choices that effect their health and well-being.

    Deborah Houston, RN, BSN
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    Click here to open the document "Letter to Parents of Entry-Level Students"

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    HSD Happenings

    Please Click here for the most recent information regarding Enterovirus D68

    Head Lice continues to circulate at HCS - see below for information about head lice from the Department of Health and Human Services
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      Health Office Forms

      Click on the link below to open/download each form

      approve Allergy Action Plan

      Medication order for the physician to complete when there is potential for anaphylaxis and an Epi pen/Benadryl need to be kept at school. Also requires a parent signature

      approve Asthma Action Plan
      Form for the doctor to complete when an inhaler or nebulizer needs to be given at school. Also requires a parent signature.
      approve Bee Sting Allergy Questionnaire

      This form is for a parent/guardian to complete and provides information about the nature of the student's allergic reaction and what kinds of symptoms occur from a bee sting

      approve Concussion Management Form

      This form is for the physician to complete after a diagnosed or identified concussion and needs to provide information about physical, academic and environmental accommodations at school during recovery

      approve Concussion Family Info Sheet

          Information for Teachers/Parents

      These forms are for parent/student/teacher information regarding concussion management and return to school

      approve Food Allergy Questionnaire

      This form is for a parent/guardian to complete and provides information about the nature of the student's allergic reaction and what kinds of symptoms occur from allergic foods

      approve Medication Administration Form

      This form is for the physician to complete when medications are to be administered during the school day. A parent signature is also required.

      approve Parent Statement for Allergies Gives parent permission for trained staff to administer emergency Epinephrine in the event that the school nurse is not available.
      approve Physical and Immunization Form

      Physician documentation of a recent physical and immunization record is required for school attendance.

      approve Readmission After Injury Form

      To be completed by the physician when a student is returning after a significant injury and requires cast, crutches or wheelchair. It specifies any limitations or restrictions that are necessary during the student's recovery.

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        Policy and Procedure


        Any student requiring medication during the school day MUST have the medication delivered to school by a parent or other designated adult. The medication MUST be in a pharmacy labeled container if a prescription or in the original container if an over the counter medication. NO medication will be administered by the school nurses unless accompanied by a written order signed by the students physician and parent /guardian. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprophen (Motrin) will be administered only after written parental permission has been obtained. DO NOT send medicine of any kind in with your child. It will be confiscated by the school nurse and parents will be asked to pick it up if they want it returned. The ONLY time students are allowed to carry medication on their person is if a physician has written and signed an order, on file with the school nurse, stating the student may carry and self administer an inhaler or epipen. The student's parent MUST also give written permission for the student to carry medication. This same policy applies to students who require medication during after school activities. Permission forms and medications should be given to coaches, etc.


        Students at both schools are screened for height and weight each year. In addition, Middle school students are screened for scoliosis which is a lateral curvature of the spine. Central school students in Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade as well as Middle school students in the 6th and 8th grade are screened for hearing and vision. Reports are sent home only when referrals are made for further evaluation. If your child is experiencing difficulties in any of these areas you can request additional screenings at any time.


        Students absent for 5 days or more require a physician note to return to school. If a student is returning to school after a prolonged illness, on crutches, in a cast, sling or splint please bring a note from the physician stating that it is safe for the student to be in the school environment and what restrictions if any need to be observed, e.g. no gym, no recess etc. When the student no longer requires these restrictions another physician note should be presented to the nurse so the student can resume activities. For liability issues a student on crutches requires a note from the parent giving them permission to ride the bus. We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to keep all students safe.


        For details on immunization requirements go to HMS/HCS Home page/School Info then Handbook and scroll down to Health Services. You may also call your school nurse or the Immunization Program at the NH Dept. of Health and Human Services at 1-800-852-3345 Ext.4482


        Physical examinations of students are required prior to entering school. All students new to the district who have not had a physical within one year must have a new physical. Students participating in interscholastic sports are required to have a recent ( we ask for one every two years unless a new student) physical exam on file in the Health Office.


        This form was developed to better care for all students with a potentially life threatening insect or food allergy. We ask parents to update and sign these forms on a yearly basis and return them to the school nurse. This information is invaluable, especially on field trips when staff are responsible for student care. Medications for students are sent with staff on field trips with specific instructions on administration.

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          Immunization Requirements

          Documentation of a current physical (within 1 year) and immunizations is required BEFORE a student may be admitted into Hampstead schools. Vaccine requirements/schedules are listed below.

          The student must have at least one dose of each required vaccine to be admitted into school.

          If your student requires an immunization booster before the start of the school year, he/she may be admitted under CONDITIONAL enrollment once the school nurse is informed of the date and time of an upcoming doctor's appointment to receive the immunization. Documentation will then need to be provided to the school nurse upon the date of the appointment.

          Immunization Requirements for 2014/2015 School Year

          Click here for a Religious Exemption Form

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            Standing Physician Guidelines


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              Web Sites with more information regarding allergies. Click on the links below:

              The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

              Food Allergies - Mayo Clinic

              Food Allergies - Kids Health

              Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

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                Flu Season Resources

                Click on the following links to open each document:

                The Flu - A Guide for Parents

                What to do if you get sick

                Flu Vaccine Information Sheet

                Influenza Information Sheet
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                  When to Stay Home

                  Guidelines For Keeping Your Student Home From School

                  Sick Children of any age should not attend school. Your child will benefit from extra rest and will recover more quickly while minimizing the spread of illness at school.

                  Fever - Students with any fever over 100 degrees during the night or morning before school should stay home. Students should be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications such as Tylenol or Motrin before returning to school. For fevers over 101 a call to the doctor may be necessary.

                  Head Lice - According to the Department of Public Health and Human Service recommendations, a student with a confirmed case of head lice may return to school after proper treatment. All cases of lice should be reported to the school nurse.

                  Conjunctivitis - (pink eye) According to the Department of Public Health and Service(pink eye), students with crusty, itchy, red eyes with thick yellow drainage should be excluded from school. Once a diagnosis of conjunctivitis is made, the student may return to school after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment.

                  Strep throat - In accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, students with strep throat may return to school after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment and be free of fever.

                  Staph Infections - In accordance with the Department of Health and Human Service guidelines, all infections should be reported to nurse and all open wounds must be covered while at school/ school activities.

                  Rashes - In accordance with the Department of Health and Human Service guidelines, any student with an unusual rash, or rash with fever should be evaluated by physician prior to returning to school.

                  Vomiting and/or Diarrhea - Students should be kept home for any episodes of vomiting or diarrhea occurring within 24 hours of the school day.

                  All absences should be called into the attendance line at your child’s school. Please include symptoms of illness.

                  In addition please report any contagious illnesses, hospitalizations or injuries to the school nurse.

                  Doctor’s notes are required for activity restrictions related to illness or injury for physical education, wellness, recess or school related activities.

                  For illness/injury that occurs during the day at school, students should see the school nurse who will then assess student and arrange dismissal, when appropriate. Students should not contact parents/guardians to arrange dismissal without going to the nurse.
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