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    Snow Day


    On-Line Learning/Blizzard Bag Day Expectations for Paraeducators

    Paraeducators who regularly work more than 4 hours per day will participate in 4 hours of professional development.  Paraeducators who regularly work 4 hours or less per day will participate in 2 hours of professional development.  Please choose from the options below to add up to the amount of time you need.  Once you have completed your hours of PD, use the attached Professional Development Reflection Form for documentation.

    • Read a professional book, related to your paraeducator position (preapproved by case manager if special education paraeducator or preapproved by building principal if regular paraeducator).  See attached list of new books available at each school’s library.
    • Listen to Webinars on Autism by following the link provided.  Autism Internet Modules (AIM) 45 free modules available; go to ABC Browse Alphabetically. 

    Increasing Independence- Part One

    Increasing Independence- Part Two

    Each webinar will take approximately 1 hour (course and assessment for certificate)

    Pennsylvania Department of Education has free webinars developed for paraeducators in PA, but are available to the public


    OLLBB Option for all Paraprofessionals supporting students in math

    Explore the enVision Math Program

           1.  How to sign up and have access to all the resources of the enVision Math program. 

                       •  - sign up to create an account-use school email and create a password

                       •     School code: 132983

                       •     Add all grade levels (great way to see vertical alignment of concepts)

              2. Explore  On-line Components:

      • Programs brings you to desired grade level

     Table of Contents brings you to all of the Topics and some Assessments (Placement, Benchmark, End of Year)

    Click on specific Topic to get to all the lessons, workbook pages with answer keys, and topic assessments.

    Focus on Listen and Look For and Develop the Concept: Visual to gain an understanding of the concept being taught.

      • Standards brings you to all of the Common Core State Standards
      • E-Text brings you to Student edition or Teacher edition
      • Tools brings you to Game Center, Glossary, and Math Tools (explore with counters, bar diagrams, place value blocks, number lines etc.)

    Additional Activities for Paraeducators – OLLBB Days

    Free - Inclusive Education Webinar Series

    Free – Webinars on Autism and Children with Significant Needs

    Click on Tab – Autism/UDLs

    Click here to fill out the paraprofessional Online Learning/Blizzard Bag Day response form.