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  • General

  • Mrs. Ouellet


    Social Studies

    • no assignment
    • Mrs. Marrone

      All classes need to finish part 1 of Smarter Balance Test Prep (Short answers)

    • Ms. Cummings


      AC class: Vocab Quiz Weds. 5/18.  Study the graffiti cards.

      Book Club Meeting #4 this week!  Check your book club calendar to see when your group meets!  Make sure you have your assignment read before your meeting! 

      ***Character Sketch due Tuesday 5/24

      **Book Log due 5/20 (at least 120 mins total)

      Daily bog logs DUE every Friday (read at least 20 mins/night for at least 6 nights/week).

      Make sure your log is complete with parent signatures!


      Book Log Requirements:

      1) Fill out your book log in your yellow envelope.

      2) Read for at least 20 mins/day

      3) Track thinking on your sticky notes (use reading strategies: questions/predictions/inferences/visualizing)

      4) Finish filling out your book log (don't forget parent signature each day)!


      • Mrs. Courter

        Last science share- Due May 19/20

        Picture Dictionary due May 27 (may change to a later date)- Will work on these in class

        • Mrs. Couture


          Math:  None

          Extra help daily at recess and WIN

          Every Night: Study your math facts for a MINIMUM of 10 min!

          *****Extra help available every day during WIN******

          Social Studies:  None

          • Mrs. Nesto