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    I'm your language arts teacher this year. You may be wondering, why the cannon animation? I could be clever and say, "You're going to have a real BLAST in language arts this year!" But I just made that up. Actually, I've taught social studies for years and years, but not this year. And I think that little cannon is wicked cool, so it's going to stay right where it is. But most importantly, I've embedded lots of Revolutionary War videos that you can watch as you study this exciting period of history with Mrs. Benson. In reading class, I'll teach you lots of deep-reading comprehension skills so you can truly understand and therefore appreciate what you're reading. We'll read some whole-class novels, but you'll also be able to choose the books you want to read. In writing workshop, you will learn the craft of writing by...writing, every day, and conferencing with me, your fearless teacher. You will learn the art of the personal narrative, how to write persuasive essays, fictional stories, and you'll even write a poem or two. Remember, writing is thinking. Reading is thinking. And you'll be doing a lot of both in my classroom.


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    Blizzard Bags Agenda Language Arts #1

    In Google Docs, take 20 minutes to carefully craft (write well) the beginning of a personal-experience piece. Focus only on the LEAD PARAGRAPH. Make it descriptive. Either start with ACTION, or "paint a scene" for the reader by using active verbs and "nouns you can drop on your foot" (NYCDOYF). Experiment with two or three leads and choose the one you like the best.

    Lesson Objective

    I can write and think for 20 minutes and produce a lead for a personal experience piece that "paints a picture" for the reader using active verbs and "nouns you can drop on your foot" (NYCDOYF).


    Write your personal experience lead on paper, or type it on Google Docs. 

    If you have any questions, email them to

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    Language Arts Blizzard Bag #2

    I've noticed, sixth-grade students, that all of you need more practice creating interesting titles for your writing pieces. Remember, the title is the first thing a reader sees. It sets the tone for what will come next. Your assignment: Using Google Docs, take the title of any book you've read and write TWO DIFFERENT TITLES for it. Then answer this question: How does each new title change the tone (mood) of the book? Give specific examples about how a character, the plot, the beginning, or the ending of the book might change because of a new title.

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