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    Blizzard Bag Day 1

    All math classes:
    I can review by taking the quiz on ratio and rates.
    I can solve real world problems and persevere while working on them.
    1. Log onto Big Ideas book.  Your user name should be written in your agenda book or if you bookmarked that site you will be all set.  The password is Students12.
    2. Go to assignments and begin working. If you need to use scrap paper please bring it in the next day.
    3. Make sure to hit save and submit.
    4. Email me at the school's email if you have any questions.
    Blizzard Bag Day 2
    All Math Classes
    I can  persevere through geometry problems

    1. Log onto Big Ideas.  Your username is in your agenda if not bookmarked and the password is Students12.
    2. If you need scarp paper make sure to bring into class tomorrow.
    4. Make sure to save and submit.
    5. Email me with any questions.

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