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    This  has been created for the convenience of the  parents and students in my class. Your suggestions and comments for improving it are most welcome. Please click on the Email  button at the top  of the page and send a message to me. Let's work as a team to raise our students up as high as they can soar!
  • Focus Words

    Spelling Words
    These are the latest spelling words we are focusing on:

    • Second Grade Sight Words

      2nd Grade Sight Words

      • Here is a list of the second 100 most frequently used words in the English language. You can print this list and use it for reading and spelling with your child at home.
      1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
      over say set try
      new great put kind
      sound where end hand
      take help does picture
      only through another again
      little much well change
      work before large off
      know line must play
      place right big spell
      year too even air
      live mean such away
      me old because animal
      back any turn house
      give same here point
      most tell why page
      very boy ask letter
      after follow went mother
      thing came men answer
      our want read found
      just show need study
      name also land still
      good around different learn
      sentence form home should
      man three us America
      think small move world
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