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    Welcome to Mr. Hathaway's Moodle Page

    Thank you for stopping by and checking out what our wonderful class is up to.

    Dear Parents,

    I cannot believe it but the year is quickly coming to a close. It has been a fantastic year with a lot of great memories. We have been lucky enough to go to Timberlane High School to read poetry and share stories with our Junior Buddies in October and then they had the chance to visit with us as well in May. This was a great memory and something that I will take with me for the rest of my teaching career and I hope that the students will take with them as well. We were able to go see a play at Pinkerton in May called Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Through it all our class has really come together as a FAMILY (our motto for the Hampstead Community Show presentation) and we have grown as learners and as children through it all. I have been lucky enough to have such a wonderful group and I want to thank you for all that you do for the children and for me.

    Below is a list of dates that are important to keep in mind as the year comes to a close.

    June 7th - Field Day - remember to have proper clothing and shoes for all of the activities that we will be taking part in.

    June 13th - Field Trip to Park Place Lanes - Please make sure that your child has socks with them and their math skills to add all of the pins that they will be knocking down.

    June 20th - Poetry Share - 10:15 - 11:15 - Students will be sharing the poetry that they have been working on over the past month.

    June 24th - Last day of school and it will be an early release.

    Thank you for such a great year and I look forward to spending the last few weeks with the children.

    Mr. Hathaway

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    My Spelling Words

    Plurals ~ More than One

    -s, -es, change the final f to v and add -es













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    We have been working diligently on our poetry unit and I think that the students are really starting to see what poetry is and how fun it can be. They no longer grown or complain, when they how its all in their brain.

    I raised my hand in class this morning,
    sitting in the back.
    The teacher didn't see, I think.
    Instead she called on Jack.

    I stretched my hand up higher,
    but she called on Zach and Zoe.
    I started bouncing up and down,
    but, still, she called on Chloe.

    I waved my arms but, even so,
    she didn't call on me.
    She called on Bryan, Brooklyn, Billy,
    Bailey, Ben, and Bree.

    She called on Taylor, Tristan, Thomas,
    Trinity, and Ty.
    Then, finally, she called my name.
    I breathed a heavy sigh.

    She asked me for the answer.
    I just frowned and clenched my knees,
    and said, "I've no idea,
    but could I use the bathroom, please?"

    --Kenn Nesbitt

    Below are some websites that have poem ideas and are places where you can generate your own poems with the kids if you are interested. Their writing has taken off and the excitement is contagous in class.

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