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  • Topic 1

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    Counseling Resources-We can provide for you assistance in the following areas:

    Homeless resources

    Free and reduced lunch resources

    Changing Family –death, divorce, marriage literature

    Parenting Issues



    NECAP Testing

    Transition:      PreK to K    K to 1     4th to Middle School

    Group Information

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  • Topic 3

    1st Grade

    1st day of school 2

    Welcome       A.  Introduce Guidance and Learn Names

    Bus Safety      A.  ABC Integration Project

    bus safety

    Friendship      A.  Personal Space Camp

                         B.  Volcano Mouth

                         C.  Bully Beans

                         D.  Best Friends

                         E.  "Wanted Best Friends"


    Safety             A.  School rules-created posters

    Fire Safety      A.  Hampstead Fire Department



    Self Esteem     A.  "Don't Feed the Monster"

                          B.   "I'm Gonna Like Me"

                          C.  Similarities and differences

    Conflict           A.  Trouble With Friend

                          B.  Stop-Step Back-Cool Down-

                           Talk it out-Apologize

    Thanksgiving    A.  We are Thankful For:

                          B.  Manners

    Holidays           A.  A Time to be Thinking of Others

                           B.  Family and Traditions

                           C.  Getting Alone

    Bike Safety       A.  Traffic Safety Video and Roleplay

                           B.  Bike Safety Workbook

    Feelings            A.  It's OK to feel ----

    Hygiene            A.  Visit form the nurse - Hand washing


    Safety             A.  Kids'N'Company Together for Safety



  • Topic 4

    2nd Grade

    curious George

    Welcome Back        A.  "Its a Wonderful Day"

                                   B.  "Who in the Class"

    Bus Safety              A.  Bus Safety Booklet

    Friendship              A.  Getting Along

                                   B.  Book-Turtle & Hippo

    Hygiene                  A.  A visit from the Nurse

    Fire Safety              A.  Hampstead Fire Department

    Conflict                   A.  Stop-Step Back-Cool Down-Aplogize-Talk it Out

    Thanksgiving           A.  Kindness

                                    B.  We Are Thankful For

    Holiday                   A.  Manners

                                    B.  Thinking of others

    Self-Esteem            A.  Making Good Choices

                                    B. The Kingdom

    Bike Safety               A.  Bicyle Safety Camp

    Community Event      A.  Cooperation Activity

                                    B.  Create cooperation quilt

                                    C.  Adult community helper - trust tree

    Personal Safety          A.  Kids n Company Together for Safety



    • Topic 5

      3rd Grade

      back to school

      Welcome Back         A.  Goal Setting

                                     B.  What Would You Like to do this Year?

                                     C.  Changes in Guidance for 3rd Graders

      Test Preparation

      from the desk of 

                                      A.  Introduce NECAP testing

                                      B.  "Tyler Tames the Testing Tiger" - discussion

                                      C.  "Rock the Test"

                                      D.  Relaxation Skills

                                      E.  Pep talk statements




                                     A.  New Initiative

                                      B.  "Be a Good Citizen on the Bus - Be Bullyfree"

                                      C.  Cooperation and Classroom Activities

                                      D.  Do the skit

                                      E.  Create Anit-bullying poster

      Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco A.  Decision Making

                                       B.  Taking Care of your own Body

                                       C.  Pre-test/Post-test

      Friendships                A.  Helpfulness

                                        B.  "The Butter Ceam Gang"

      Colonial Integration     A.  The Role of Schools in Colonial Times

                                         B.  Social norms during colonial times.

      • Topic 6

        Grade 4

        1st day of school 7

        Welcome Back    A.  Introduce 4th Grade Guidance

                                    B.  Goal Setting

                                    C.  Story of “The Bike”

        Test Taking          A.  Introduce NECAPs

                                     B.  Focus on the Test –activities

               fun pencil   C.  “Rock the Test”

                                      D.  Relaxation Techniques

        Citizenship            A.  Raising the Flag

                                      B.  HCS Good Citizenship Activities

                                      C.  Student Council Introduction

                                      D.  Big Man(person) on Campus

        Bullying                 A.  Choices, What is it?  

                                      B. Role play bullying situations

        Health                   A.  Pretest/Posttest

                                      B.  Decision Making

                                      C.  Advertising Messages

                                      D.  Health and Wellness talk

                                      E.  Nutrition Decisions

                                      F. “Dove” Website

        Self-Esteem           A.  Collage Making—“About Me”

                                      B. Strength Bombardment

        Transition              A.  Introduce the process

                                      B. 5th grade student visits

                                      C.  Meet and Greet Day   

                       student star                              







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