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    The library has been a very active place this winter! 

    Kindergarten children have listened to groundhog stories, are learning about the Olympics and will be introduced to "Otis" when they return from vacation.  They continue to enjoy checking out books and have mastered using their bookmarks!

    First graders are now able to take two books out of the library!  They have recently compared and contrasted different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, learned about groundhogs, the Olympics and are starting book one in the "Mercy Watson" series!

    Most second grades have finished "Gooney Bird Greene", spent some time at Groundhog Weather School and have reviewed the parts of a book while listening to "The Stinky Cheese Man".

    • Mercy Watson


      Welcome to

      Deckawoo Drive!

          The first grade is currently becoming acquainted with the escapades of Mercy Watson!  Find out where Mercy lives and what her favorite food is!!

    • Topic 3

      The third and fourth grade students have continued to work on locating books on their own in the library and practicing using the library's cataloging system, "Destiny".  Ask your third or fouth grader to show you the "Destiny" system which they can access from their computers at home.

      These classes have also been exposed a variety of  literary non fiction over the past two months.

      • Topic 4

        The World of

        Beverly Cleary

        Mrs. Cleary's books appear in over twenty countries in fourteen languages and her characters, including Henry Huggins, Ellen Tebbits, Otis Spofford, and Beezus and Ramona Quimby, as well as Ribsy, Socks, and Ralph S. Mouse, have delighted children for generations.

      • Gooney Bird Greene

        Ask your second grader about how Gooney Bird Greene got her name!!  The Gooney Bird series is written by the award winning author, Lois Lowry and is shared with second graders every year!

        gooney bird
      • Judy Moody


        stuff to do.

      • Topic 7


        Third grade students have been exposed to several different authors recently in the library. One of their favorite books has been "Tornado" by Betsy Byars!


        • Topic 8

               Mrs. Carideo and Mrs. Clemente would like to thank the Hampstead community for their contributions to another successful book fair.  We have parent volunteers who come in to help while the students shop with their classes.  Staff members come back to school at night during the family events to assist the shoppers with their purchases and to giftwrap books. Children and their families shop and purchase books which of course enables the HCS library to purchase either library furniture, shelving or books for the library.   The entire week is hectic and fun and has become an annual tradition in the town of Hampstead.  Thank you for your support!

          • Welcome to the library!

            During the first few weeks of school all classes come to the library for an orientation/review of library procedures, etiquette and book care. 

             All children will be given a special plastic library bag to keep their books in while they are traveling to and from school to help protect the books from spills and other back pack mishaps. These bags are also a useful container to keep the books in while the children are not using them at home. Please do not throw these bags out!! 

             We share other book care hints such as keeping food and drinks away from the books and not leaving them outside.  Children are asked to think of a "safe" place to keep their books, away from pets and younger siblings who might be tempted to chew, tear or draw in the books!  We also give bookmarks to the children to encourage them not to "dog ear" the pages or place the book face down.  These tips help to ensure that the students won't have to pay for damaged or lost books!! 

            Our library operates on an open and flexible schedule so children may come as often as they need to return and check out new books.

            We are looking forward to sharing stories and the wonderful HCS book collection this year!!

            • What is a Playaway?

              One of the popular resources the HCS library offers are the Playaway audio books.  These are available to second, third and fourth graders and are enjoyed by many children.

              We have implemented a new system wherein the children are allowed to keep the headphones that come with the Playaways. When a  Playaway is initially checked out by a child we give them a set of headphones with their name on them and the children are allowed to keep them forever!  The Playaways are compatible with most sets of headphones that the children may already have at home and if this is the case the children can use this extra set in the car or classroom. In the event that a child loses or breaks the first set and wishes to get another set from the library, the replacement cost will be $1.00.

              This  Playaway headphone initiative has been funded by book fair funds. 

              • Topic 11

                The library has been talking turkey throughout the month of November!  We have been sharing stories with kindergarten through fourth grade including (but not limited to!!!)"Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving" by Dav Pilkey, "Little Tom Turkey" by Frances Bloxam, "Thank You, Sarah" by Laurie Halse Anderson and of course, the tradtional Thanksgiving feltboard story!!

                We wish for everyone  a restful, safe and happy Thanksgiving.

                • Topic 12

                  First grade students are now independently arriving at the library using their library passes!!  They still visit each week with their entire class for storytime and have recently been introduced to Rocket the dog in the book "How Rocket Learned to Read" and to the first book in the Henry and Mudge series along with Puppy Mudge.

                  Please see author Tad Hill's website below.  He is the author of "How Rocket Learned to Read" !

                  We are currently enjoying Halloween books!!

                • Topic 13

                  rikki tikki tavi

                  Find out from your third grader who won the battle between the mongoose and the cobra in this Rudyard Kipling tale. 
                • Topic 14

                       Roald Dahl is an entertaining and imaginative children's author. One of his books, The Minpins, is read in the library to the fourth grade classes. Ask your fourth grader about the escapades of Little Billy when he enters the Minpin forest!  


                • Elephant and Piggie


                  You can make Elephant & Piggie dance! Mo Willem's series, "Elephant and Piggie", delight children of all ages.  These are one of the first books introduced to the children at the beginning of the year!!
                • Topic 16

                  Ballpark Mysteries author David A. Kelly visited fourth grade students at HCS.

                • Topic 17

                       The Hampstead Central School's 2013 Book Fair will take place in the HCS library during the week of October 21st through October 25th. 

                        Each classroom will have a scheduled time during the school day in which the children may purchase books. This is an exciting time for the children as they shop, strategize, make choices and use their math skills to independently purchase books.  Your child will receive a circular for the fair advertising some of the more popular titles but there will be many selections from which to choose.  Proceeds from the fair will be used to purchase books for the library. 

                         Families are invited to attend the Book Fair on Tuesday, October 22nd and Thursday, October 24th from 6:00pm until 8:00pm  Many people use this event to begin their holiday shopping. Hope to see you at the fair!!!!!

                  • Junie B. Jones


                    Wowie Wow Wow!

                  • Topic 19

                    What an enjoyable year we have had in the library! 

                    Kindergarteners have become accustom to joining us in the library weekly for storytime and book selection. 

                    First graders have mastered using space holders, independently coming to the library, locating their "favorite" books and learning the about the responsibility involved in borrowing a book!  They have been introduced to a variety of authors, compared different stories and are now being exposed to beginning chapter books.

                    Second grade continues to enjoy weekly storytimes, sometimes with longer chapter books and sometimes with picture books that they still enjoy immensely. 

                    Third graders have listened to chapter books by Bill Wallace, Andrew Clements, Roald Dahl and to many nonfiction books related to either their curriculums or timely events.  They have learned to use our Destiny system to check their accounts and search for books.

                    Fourth graders are currently listening to to a story by Newbery Medal winner, Lois Lowry.  The book, "The Willoughby's" is a playful homage to classic works of literature and is a hilariously "old fashioned" parody.  Fourth graders have become adept at using the Destiny system!

                    Books will be due back in the library on June 12th.  If you child has lost or temporarily "cannot find" their book, please have them stop by to see us in the library.  Bills will be sent home the last week of school for misssing or damaged books.

                    Thank you for sharing your delightful children with us this year.  We encourage you to have your children participate in the summer reading program at the Hampstead Public Library and please promote summer reading at home!!!

                    • Magic Tree House

                      Go on a mission with Jack and Annie. You will need to take notes on the computer to solve the mystery.

                      Magic Tree House
                    • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

                      Visit the Wimpy Kid website where you can learn more about the author, see the newest books and Wimp Yourself!

                    • Topic 22

                      Kindergarten students have been thoroughly enjoying the escapades of The "Rhyming Dust Bunnies" one of several captivating books by Jan Thomas.  We have been impressed by the kindergartener's rhyming skills!!

                      January is pig month for first graders in the library.  They have been introduced to Poppleton books by Cynthia Rylant, Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo and will be comparing and contrasting different versions of The Three Little Pigs!  First graders may now take two books out of the library when they visit!

                      Second grade continues to be exposed to different authors of chapter book series.  Currently, they are reading Marvin Redpost, Class President by Louis Sachar and will soon be listening to Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows.

                      Math books, fiction chapter books,and "how to" books have been some of the choices for third grade book reports recently.  Third graders are also being taught Destiny, and listening to both fiction and non fiction books during library storytimes.

                      Non fiction narratives continue to be read to fourth grade classes and coincide with holidays or their current social studies or science curriculums.  Several classes have also enjoyed fiction chapter books as well. 

                      • Topic 23

                        Spring has been a very busy time for first graders in the library.

                        • Students experienced three different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, compared them and then voted on their favorite. 
                        • The children have delighted in figuring out How Spider Tricked Snake by  Mirna Benitez  and they also enjoyed Anansi the Spider stories by Eric A . Kimmel.  
                        • For Earth Day awareness we read stories of people who help sea turtles and brainstormed about how we can help the earth and the animals who inhabit it. 
                        • We acknowledged National Poetry Month by reading poems about animals and schools. 
                        • The students helped to celebrate national Pet Week by bringing in pictures or drawings of their pets and listening to pet stories.

                        • Topic 24

                          Second graders have enjoyed a wide variety of books in the library this spring.

                          • They have been entertained by the escapades of Marvin Redpost. This is a series of books written by the well known children's author, Louis Sachar. 
                          • The classes have become acquainted with the Ivy and Bean series by Annie Barrows.
                          • Students were entranced by the time honored first book of The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Warner.
                          • Manfish, A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne and What's So Special About Planet Earth? by Robert E. Wells were the books chosen to share with the children for Earth Day awareness. 
                          • We celebrated the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park by reading F is for Fenway by Jerry Pallotta and Pennies for Elephants by Lita Judge. 
                          • We also shared poems by Jack Prelutsky for Poetry month.
                          • We will conclude the year by reading The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling and Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, both lighthearted chapter books!!
                          • The students helped to celebrate National Pet Week by bringing in photographs and drawings of their pets.
                          • Topic 25

                            Kindergarten students continue to come to the library on a weekly basis and are relishing choosing their own books and listening to stories. 

                            They have become "experts" at helping to tell stories on the feltboard and  have enjoyed listening to Earth day stories and pet stories.

                            The students helped to celebrate National Pet Week by bringing in pictures and drawings of their pets.