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    What a Mathematically Proficient Student Can Do:

    Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice
    Student-Friendly Language
    Make sense and persevere in solving problems.
    I can try many times to understand and solve a math problem.
    Reason abstractly and quantitatively. I can think about the math problem in my head, first.
    Construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others. I can make a plan, called a strategy, to solve the problem and discuss other students' strategies too.
    Model with mathematics to solve real life problems. I can use math symbols and numbers to solve the problem.
    Use appropriate tools to solve a math problem. I can use math tools, pictures, drawings, and objects to solve the problem.
    Communicate precisely. I can check to see if my strategy and calculations are correct.
    Recognize patterns. I can use what I already know about math to solve the problem.
    Evaluate if their answers are reasonable.
    I can use strategy that I used to solve another math problem.

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      Math Commmon Core State Standards

      Links to get keep you informed about the the new math standards being adopted.

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      Math Apps for I-pod Touch/Phone

      These are a few fun math apps to download for practicing math skills.


      Math Bingo

      Rocket Math

      Hungry Fish

      AB Math

      Motion Math

      Find Sums

      Arithmaroo 1



      Monkey Math


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        Hampstead Central School has adopted a new math program called enVisionMATH. You can access the student text, grade level game centers, grade level glossary, and Math Tools. Your child should use the student log in that they were assigned in class. Go to  to check it out.

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          Try out these Google Apps

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